Thursday, November 21, 2019

Increae productivity and safety at night shift Research Paper - 1

Increae productivity and safety at night shift - Research Paper Example These problems affect the productivity of the workers working in the night shifts of the manufacturing firm. Physical and mental stress associated with the working in the night shifts increases the possibilities of errors on the part of the workers along with increasing instances of accidents. With the general habits of human beings of being more active during the day hours the performance level of the workers in general deteriorates with a change in the pattern. Moreover the workers of the manufacturing units need to work in different and more than one shift in each day and hence these poorly framed patterns of the shifts also increases the fatigue of the night shift workers. Apart from physical problems several questions have been raised regarding the security of the workers working in the night shifts more prominently for the women workers of the units. Thus study has been made in order to consider the negative effects of night shift working and suggesting possible solutions for t he problems. Both primary and secondary research methods have been used in the study for satisfying the objective. The study reveals that the productivity of the workers decreases in the night shifts with the same worker being able to work more efficiently in some other shifts of the day. Moreover there exists gender discrimination in the manufacturing units with the experienced women workers getting equal to salaries of newly employed male workers of the units. Incidents of accidents are also studied to be more in the night shifts. In regards to the implementations of certain solutions to the problems it has been suggested that the administration needs to be more aware in regards to the provision of proper medical facilities required in emergencies along with proper training to the workers. The supervisors need to be entrusted with proper evaluation of the employees in regards to their safety as well as productivity. Moreover if certain

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