Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Research proposal Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Research proposal - Literature review Example Please note that blue instructions (in italics) should be deleted and replaced by the appropriate entries. The word guides are a maximum. The proposal should include a list of references and a timescale plan. 1. Proposed Title Give a clear and succinct title, indicating the problem area around which the research will be undertaken. To identify the issues in electronic banking transactions 2. Background or Rationale of the Project Include a description of the background to your project. Explain why you have chosen the topic - give both academic and personal reasons. Answer the following questions: Why do you feel this research project is necessary? Such a project is necessary to gather more insight in the topic of internet banking as a whole and particularly in the security issues related to the e-transactions. What is the problem or issue that needs sorting out? The financial services in the field of electronic commerce are rapidly advancing with Internet banking being in the forefro nt of it requiring many developments and implementations regarding a comprehensive security practices. For the field of Internet banking, the real issue is regarding the security which is hampering this field as effect methods are still not in place that can provide the users of Internet banking an authenticate and remote environment. This has given rise to the possibility of cloning the identities of the Internet banking user which arises the issue of procedures and practices that could minimize this issue. Why are you interested in the project? What has aroused your curiosity? Given the present scenario of the advanced technologies been used in setting up security requirements placed by the regional, national and global Internet banking system, still users are not confident enough to carry out e-banking transactions. If this is the case, then the question arises that why is Internet banking becoming more and more popular amongst the users if security issues lie within the system o f Internet banking. This curiosity and interest has given me a direction to further my research in the issues of security in Internet banking transactions. How will your project add new knowledge to the field? Since not much research has been conducted in this field, particularly in creation of secure pathways for transactions, the security framework recommended in this research can provide a direction for present and future framework for secured Internet banking transactions. Max. 250 words 3. Preliminary Review of the Literature Give a brief critical review of the literature within your topic area and justify the need for your research. Don’t forget to give a list of key references used (a minimum of 6) - use the Harvard Referencing Style. Answer the following questions: What research has already been carried out on your topic area? Many different researches have been carried out on the topic where different authors have discussed the security issues as well as provided fra meworks for security practices. This topic is popular because of the growing impact of Internet on all businesses particularly in the banking industry where services are now provided online for the convenience of the customers. According to Jamwal and Padha (2009), Online Banking Association conducted a survey where security was rated the top issue in online banking by the member institutions. According to Zin and

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